Saturday, May 14, 2011

i miss you !

heyyy , this entry is for my bestfriend or bestfriendsssss . anom hamdan is not included because she always with me :)

heyyy bestfriend or bestfriends ,
there has been a year we haven't be together ,
last time ,
we smile , we laugh , we cry
all we do it together
i really miss it

but now ,
there is no more bestfriend's things ,
we become far a part from each other ,
huhhhh , i cries for that :'(

why was that happen ?
hmm , i don't know
did i made mistakes ?
until you can't forgive me for that ?
i'm sorry .
i'm just an ordinary person ,
who always make mistakes
sorry again from deep in my heart

dear bestfriend or bestfriends ,
forgiving is more better than apologising ,
i had done that for you ,
can you do the same things for me
perhaps , you can .

i love you .

 " just an ordinary poem from an ordinary girl that miss her bestfriend or bestfriendss "

p/s : after reading this entry , don't asked me to whom i post this . this is my secrets . this is my privacy .
to my bestfriend or bestfriends : i hope you understand the meaning of this bad poem . can we flash back the times ? i miss you

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